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Strawberry River

Strawberry River
Strawberry River


The Strawberry River is a tributary to Strawberry Reservoir. It has a population of Bear Lake Cutthroat Trout that have migrated from the reservoir into the stream. The trout also spawn here as well, and some of those spawners are captured by the DWR and their eggs are harvested to be raised in state fish hatcheries.

This water has some strict regulations, including some sections closed all year, and the rest being closed part of the year to protect spawning Cutthroat Trout and Kokanee Salmon, as well as artificial flies and lures only restrictions, so be sure to check the current fishing proclamation before you go.

Also, don't overlook the river below Strawberry Reservoir, where it flows in the Uinta Basin. This river has some excellent fishing and lots of solitude.

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Fishing Tips:

Make sure to wear dull colors so as to not prematurely spook fish in this clear, high-elevation stream. Polarized sunglasses can also be very helpful in reducing glare on the water so that you can spot trout in the water easier.