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Yuba Reservoir (Sevier Bridge Reservoir)

Yuba Reservoir
Yuba Reservoir
Map of Yuba Reservoir
Map of Yuba Reservoir


Current Conditions:

Last checked for updates: 1/20/2021

Current Conditions

Day Use and Camping

Day-Use: Open

Oasis Vista Day-Use and Group Site: Under Construction

Oasis Campground: Open. Electric hookups are on. Starting October 16, the park will be winterized. Water can be obtained at the Oasis dump station. Flush restrooms and showers will be winterized.

Perch and Walleye Cabins: Open – Cabins with Heating and A/C units are open year-round.

Painted Rock Campground: Campground closed for the winter season. Camping is permitted in the group campsite for $25 per vehicle per night. Water can be obtained at the Oasis dump station.

North Beaches Campground: Closed for Winter Season

Eagle View Campground: Closed for Winter Season

Zip Line: Closed

Fish Cleaning Station: Winterized

*All fees apply year round.  If no gate attendant is present, utilize the self pay system (cash or check).


Oasis Launch Ramp: Iced over

Painted Rocks Launch Ramp: Iced over

Reservoir: Iced over. Buoys have been removed from the water.


Water Temp: 32F

Water Level: 27%

Fishing Conditions: Good

For updated fishing reports visit: Fish Utah

Ice thickness: Ice has formed throughout the lake. Ice is Never 100% Safe! — Do not judge ice safety on thickness alone. Ice does not form or maintain a uniform thickness. Snow, wind, slush, temperature, and other factors can cause ice thickness and strength to vary greatly, even within inches. Recreate on ice at your own risk and verify ice thickness as you head out. Click here to learn more ice safety tips.

Nebo Snow Grooming Report: 


Other Information: 

Updated 12/11/2020

Yuba Reservoir is located approximately 30 miles south of Nephi, just off I-15 on the east side of the freeway. It is located in a long, narrow valley between the Valley Mountains and the San Pitch Mountains, between Gunnison and I-15.

The reservoir shoreline is about 50% privately owned, with BLM comprising the remaining 50%. Public access is unrestricted.

Fish Species:

Current Regulations:

Fishing Tips:


Yuba Reservoir is accessible from many points on U-28 north of Gunnison, as well as from old US-91 north of Scipio. Northern accesses are favored because the south end of the reservoir is often shallow or dry. Old US-91 passes by Yuba Lake State Park, near the dam. Exit I-15 at exit #202?(old exit number) and go south, or exit at #188 (Scipio), and take the frontage road on the west side of the freeway which intersects old US-91 via an underpass a few miles north of Scipio.

There are numerous accesses along U-28 from about 15 miles south of Levan (Painted Rocks access) to near Fayette. Access is also possible from a network of unpaved roads on the west side of the reservoir.