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Sand Hollow Reservoir

Sand Hollow Reservoir inlet
Sand Hollow Reservoir inlet
Local Weather for Sand Hollow


Sand Hollow Reservoir is located just minutes from St. George, Utah in Washington County. It is connected to Quail Creek Reservoir by an underground pipeline, and water can be pumped back and forth between the two sister reservoirs.

Sand Hollow has become a hotspot for largemouth bass and bluegill fishing in the last few years.

Current Conditions:

Last checked for updates: 9/28/2020

Current Conditions

Expect capacity limits on weekends especially on Saturdays. This usually lasts for several hours around lunchtime.
What does this mean? It means only those who have camping and/or boat reservations at the park will be allowed entrance. All others will be turned away until the park has room to allow more guests.
Day-Use: Open 6 am-10 pm
Main Entrance Gate: Open 6 am – 10 pm. Utah time.
Water Surface: Open
Afternoon thunderstorms can produce very strong winds. If you see storms approaching it is best to head for shore.
Launch Ramps:
Main Launch Ramp Open 6 am- 10 pm South Ramp: Open 6 am- 10 pm
Quagga: All out of state boats will be inspected before launching. All ski/wake boats must have drained and dry tanks/bags. The 30-day dry time or decontamination wash for ALL ski/wake boats with ballast tanks/bags. When traveling from one lake to another, please be sure to pull your drain plug.
BOAT Decontamination: Sand Hollow from 7 am-5 pm daily.
Campgrounds: Open though reservations are recommended. Make reservations through Reserve America.
Water Temp: 73 Degrees 9/21/2020
Water Level: Water level is at 70%. The main launch ramp is open and launching conditions are great. The Southside boat ramp is now CLOSED.
Fishing Conditions: The DWR website is current at utahfishinginfo.com/dwr/fishingreports.php
No spearfishing is allowed.
Fire Conditions: Fires are allowed in designated fire rings only. No pallets!
NO FIREWORKS, that includes sparklers, firecrackers, and anything that says fireworks.
Other Information:
Graffiti on the rocks has become a problem again. This is your park, help us keep it open, clean, and beautiful. If you see someone carving in the rocks, please report it. No glass bottles on the beach or jumping rocks, please. All dogs must be on a leash. Owners of dogs off a leash will be cited.
Park entrance gate closes at 10 pm Utah time. Campers need to be in the park before the gate closes.
Primitive Camping:
Closed until further notice to provide access for our day use visitors.
Swimmer’s Itch: Several reports of swimmers itch. Not widespread but several families have left itching.
Last Updated 9/21/2020

Fish Species:

Current Regulations:

Fishing Tips: