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Gunnison Bend Reservoir


Gunnison Bend Reservoir
Gunnison Bend Reservoir

Gunnison Bend Reservoir is a moderate sized reservoir in the eastern Sevier Desert immediately downstream from Delta, Utah. The reservoir is an impoundment of a large horseshoe bend in the river valley. It is the last impoundment of the Sevier River. Much of the water has been removed by upstream users, and all of the remaining water is removed for irrigation at Gunnison Bend. The last time water flowed into the river below the reservoir was during the 1983 flood.

Gunnison Bend Reservoir is an empoundment near Delta, UT that is used for local irrigation water. For that reason, it is subject to large fluctuations in water level. It is a warmwater, stained colored muddy reservoir that can be tough to fish. It's popular with waterskiers and jet skiers, so the best times to fish are very early morning or late evening, and through the night.

The reservoir shoreline is almost entirely privately owned, with BLM land on the western tip of the peninsula and in the northeast corner of the lake. The shore is about 89% privately owned. Public access is restricted to public lands.

Gunnison Bend Reservoir is west of Delta on US-6. The simplest access is directly west of Delta--cross the railroad tracks on the viaduct, and continue straight ahead (due west) to the reservoir (this requires a right turn, continuing on a county road as US-6 bends south, then a left turn to continue on a smaller road as the county road bends north).

Other access is from the south, on US-6 just west of the Sevier River bridge. This road leads to the peninsula and up the west side of the reservoir to the county park. There is a golf course south of the reservoir. The lake is used for fishing, swimming, boating, waterskiing and picnicking. Usage is fairly heavy. The county park on the west side of the lake has a sanded beach, a boat ramp, and picnic areas. There are several RV Parks in Delta (see info box).

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