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Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens)

Big Yellow Perch
A nice sized Yellow Perch.


Yellow Perch is a very prolific panfish that can live in both cold and warmwater fisheries. Perch will readily hit both bait and small lures, and often can be caught on anything you throw at them. Perch are excellent fish to take kids to catch as their first fish. Perch tend to move around and stay together in schools. If you are catching only smaller perch, try to move around, since all fish in a single school tend to be about the same size. If you find bigger fish, chances are they will be grouped together.

Yellow Perch are a smaller relative of the Sauger & the Walleye. They can quickly take over a lake once they have been introduced, and have done just that in several Utah waters due to 'bucket biologists' illegally transporting them to other waters.

Yellow Perch are yellowish with dark vertical bars. The caudal fin is forked, and the dorsal fin is divided. They look more like a tropical fish than a Utah gamefish. The meat is white and very good. Most anglers who have tried eating Yellow Perch often prefer it to any other freshwater species, save Walleye.

Yellow Perch are also known for their excellent table fare. They are very good eating, but you'll need quite a few of them to feed an entire family, since they typically do not grow much bigger than 11 inches or so.

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Yellow Perch are usually quite easy to catch on small lures or bait - the trick is simply to find where they are schooled up.