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Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis)

Lake Powell Striper
A typical Lake Powell Striped Bass


Coloration is bluish-black to dark grey, or olive-green above, the sides are silvery, the belly white. Striped bass have seven to nine unbroken stripes along each side. The body is somewhat streamlined. Mouth is oblique and the lower jaw longer than the upper. The dorsal fins are clearly separated. The caudal is forked.

Striped Bass, also known as Stripers, are prevalent in Lake Powell. They are actually a saltwater fish species, only travelling to freshwater rivers to spawn, however it was found that they can survive their entire lives in freshwater as well.

Striped Bass are probably the most popular fish to catch at Lake Powell, and do not have a limit so feel free to harvest as many as you would like.

Where to catch Striped Bass:

Current Regulations:

Fishing Tips:

Stripers can be caught just about any time during the year, however the best times are in the spring just after the spawn when they really 'put on the feed bag', and in the fall when they begin to 'boil' (chase shad to the surface in big schools, making the water appear to boil).

One good method of attracting Striped Bass to where you are fishing (if you are vertical jigging or baitfishing) is to chum using dead anchovies. You can reall start a feeding frenzy at certain times by throwing out a frozen block of anchovies in a trap or net, which will slowly disperse the smell and make it last longer, as well as keep it more intact for longer.

Stripers will smell the fish and come to investigate. Then it's up to you to nail them with fresh anchovies as bait, or to vertical jig them using shad imitating jigging spoons. This method can be productive when the fish are less active.