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June Sucker (Chasmistes liorus)

June Sucker
June Sucker


The June Sucker is a native Utah fish species, found naturally only in Utah Lake and its tributaries. They are listed on the Federal Endangered Species List as Endangered. Fishing for them is not allowed, and any caught accidentally must be immediately released unharmed.

June Suckers get their name from the month in which they spawn. Very few live to adulthood, due to habitat degradation, and predation by non- native fish species. Efforts are underway by the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program to rehabilitate habitat and restore the June Sucker population.

The biggest threat against the recovery of the June Sucker identified by the commission was the overabundance of Common Carp in Utah Lake. Carp destroy the habitat that is critical to survival of young June Suckers. They also degrade water quality by stirring up sediment while rooting in the mud for food. They also eat the eggs and fry (juvenile fish) of many species of fish, including possibly June Suckers. Studies are currently being done to determine the feasability of removing 1 million pounds of carp from Utah Lake.

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