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The Surgeon's Knot - Fishing Knots

The Surgeon's Knot

Surgeon's Knot

The Surgeon's Knot is a very strong knot that is used to attach two lines together.

Here's how to tie the Surgeon's Knot:

  1. Surgeons Knot
    Lay line and leader parallel, overlapping 6" to 8".
  2. Surgeons Knot
    Treating the two like a single line, tie an overhand knot, pulling the entire leader through the loop.
  3. Surgeons Knot
    Leaving the loop of the overhand open, pull both tag end of line and leader through again.
  4. Surgeons Knot
    Hold both lines and both ends to pull knot tight. Clip ends close to avoid foul-up in rod guides.