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The Improved Clinch Knot - Fishing Knots

The Improved Clinch Knot

The improved clinch knot is one of the most widely used knots among freshwater fishermen and women. It is easy to tie, has a very high percentage knot strength, and holds well without slipping. The trick to a good improved clinch knot is to tighten it up without causing friction damage to the line. A little water or spit will lubricate it as you pull it tight so it won't damage the line.

  1. Insert the your line through the eye of the hook giving it several inches for the tag end.
  2. Twist the tag end around the main line 6 or 7 times (extremely thick line might require you do only 4 or 5 twists).
  3. Put the tag end back through the hole between the two lines right next to the eye of the hook.
  4. Put the tag end back through the loop that you just created with the last step.
  5. Pull the main line tight while keeping the tag end taut as well. As you tighten, you may need to 'help' the coils around the main line slide down towards the hook.
  6. When all is tight, trim the tag end leaving just enough so it won't unravel (about 1/16th to 1/8th inch).