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The Crawford Knot - Fishing Knots

The Crawford Knot

Crawford Knot

Here is how to tie the Crawford Knot:

  1. Crawford Knot
    Insert the line through the hook eye, leaving about eight inches for tying the knot. Bring the line end back around the standing part of the line to form a loop.
  2. Crawford Knot
    Now bring the line end under the standing part of the line, and over the two parallel lines, as shown.
  3. Crawford Knot
    The knot has formed a "figure 8." Bring the tag end of the line under the two parallel strands, then back over all three lines.
  4. Crawford Knot
    The knot is completed by tucking the tag end between the standing line and the front part of the loop. Pull the knot tight, slide it down and "jam" it against the hook eye and trim.