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Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats make excellent craft for fishing in Utah. Pontoon boats ride high in the water, making it easier to manuever. They are also easier to get in and out of than many float tubes, due to their open nature. They're very stable and enjoyable to ride. They are typically more expensive than float tubes. They allow the angler to get very close to the fish they are pursuing, while not spooking the fish.

Pontoon boats can be powered by oars, electric trolling motors, fins, or all three. Since they have the option of using oars, they allow you to have a larger range of where you can fish. You can venture farther out with less effort than with a traditional float tube.

A downside to using pontoon boats when compared to float tubes is that they require more storage space, as well as a larger vehicle (or a car topper) to transport them. They are heavier and more cumbersome to load and unless by yourself, and some require partial disassembly after each trip.

If you have the space to store them fully assembled, and a vehicle large enough to transport them this way, then they can be just as fast to get set up and on the water as a float tube.

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