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Green Drake Wulff Fly
 Green Drake Wulff Gold Bead-head Olive Wooly Bugger Parachute Adams Sparkle Back Hare's Ear Renegade
Green Drake Wulff Beadhead Olive Wooly Bugger Parachute Adams Sparkle Back Hare's Ear Renegade


Artificial flies are some of the most versatile lures out there, and they can also be some of the hardest to master. Flyfishing is commonly thought of as a trout-only style of fishing, but many Utah anglers have learned to catch all kinds of Utah species with flies, EVEN bass, catfish, striped bass and Tiger Musky!

Fish Species that can commonly be caught using flies:

Tips for Fishing with Flies:

You do not need to own thousands of dollars worth of fly fishing equipment to begin enjoying fishing with flies. In fact, for some Utah waters, the most effective way to fish a fly is with spinning or spincast gear. Rigging up a fly with a clear plastic sliding bubble, half or all the way full of water, with a leader below, is one of the best ways to catch high elevation trout in ares such as the Uintas and the Boulder Mountains. Simply slide the bubble up the line, then tie on a swivel so that the bubble will slide only to the swivel and not down to the hook. Next, tie on a leader of anywhere from 4 to 8 feet (depending on conditions). Tie a fly to the end, and then begin casting into those high mountain lakes. Fill the bubble completely full for nymph and streamers, and half full for dry flies or when fishing very shallow water.

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