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Walleye Seminar

Walleye at Deer Creek Reservoir
Walleye at Deer Creek Reservoir

Wednesday, April 10 from 7-8:30 p.m.
Utah Department of Natural Resources
1594 North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Walleye are tasty, tricky and just plain fun to catch. Join us the evening of April 10 and learn the tips and tricks to finding these wily fish in Utah. We're teaming up with the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council and Rocky Mountain Anglers to host the free seminar where you'll learn about:

Rocky Mountain Anglers member Lee Rasmussen said walleye are quite difficult to catch because they aren't in every Utah waterbody and because they can be difficult to locate. He said it is in the best interest of anyone who wants to learn to catch walleye to attend this seminar and learn from the experts.

"The people teaching at this seminar are the premier walleye anglers in the state of Utah," Rasmussen said. "You have to be an actual angler to find walleye and entice them to bite. Fishing for walleye is not like fishing for trout."

Although this event is free, space is limited and registration is required. Participants can register at the link at the bottom of this article. If you aren't able to attend, you can still participate by watching a recording of the seminar on the DWR YouTube channel.

Rocky Mountain Anglers, Utah's Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council and the DWR are sponsoring the event. For more information, contact Rasmussen at 801-580-5779 or at lras3@hotmail.com.

If you can't attend, check our YouTube channel (youtube.com/udwr) afterwards for a recording of the seminar.

Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up soon.