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You Can Still Keep 16 Fish at Millsite Reservoir

Millsite Reservoir
Millsite Reservoir

Ferron -- The temporary daily limit of 16 fish at Millsite Reservoir has been extended for another year.

On March 12, the Division of Wildlife Resources approved an emergency amendment to the 2018 Utah Fishing Guidebook. The amendment keeps the 16-fish limit in place while upgrades to the dam continue at the reservoir in Emery County.

Justin Hart, aquatics manager for the DWR's Southeastern Region, says the reservoir has been drawn down so the dam can be widened and repaired to meet new safety standards. Low water in the reservoir will result in the loss of fish. So limits are being temporarily liberalized to allow anglers to harvest fish that would be lost otherwise.

"We want to give anglers the chance to harvest as many fish as possible while water levels at the reservoir are low," Hart says. "Once the upgrades are completed, fish stocking will resume at Millsite so families can continue to enjoy the fishery."

Project managers anticipate that enough work will be completed in 2018 to allow the reservoir to be partially refilled. Fish stocking will start again in spring 2019. The 16-fish limit will remain in effect until March 15, 2019.

The reservoir is part of Millsite State Park.