Mill Hollow Reservoir Opens to Fishing

Woodland -- One of northern Utah’s most popular mountain reservoirs has reopened to fishing.

Repairs on the dam at Mill Hollow Reservoir have been completed. And the reservoir has enough water in it now that the Division of Wildlife Resources has been able to stock it again with fish.

"We recently stocked more than 3,000 rainbow and albino rainbow trout into the reservoir,” says Scott Root, DWR regional conservation outreach manager. “The water level isn’t real high yet, but the reservoir is refilling, and there’s no difficulty accessing it. Anglers are doing well using traditional baits, lures and small flies."

Root reminds anglers that the trout limit at the reservoir is four fish. Most of the fish will be between 10 and 12 inches long. "The Kamas hatchery may stock more catchable-sized rainbow trout into the reservoir in the near future," he says. "They may also stock some smaller brook and tiger trout."

Mill Hollow is in north-central Utah, about 14 miles southeast of Woodland. For more information, call the DWR’s Central Region office at (801) 491-5678.