Beginning Jan. 1, 2007, anglers who have a valid fishing license and a $15 second pole permit can fish with two poles at waters across Utah

An exciting opportunity is available to Utah's anglers this year.

Before Jan. 1, 2007, fishing opportunities for those who bought a second pole permit were limited to a few fishing waters that held mostly warm water fish. The Utah Wildlife Board has approved a change for 2007, however. Now anglers who have a valid fishing license and a second pole permit can fish with two fishing poles at waters across the state.

Craig Schaugaard, a regional aquatics manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources, is excited about the opportunity the permit provides anglers to pursue fish at different water depths.

"What I like to do at Pineview Reservoir is fish with one pole right on the bottom for perch. The crappie in the reservoir are suspended about 10 feet off the bottom. With the two-pole permit, I can fish with one pole at the perch level and one at the crappie level," Schaugaard says.

He says the new permit will also work equally well at other waters by allowing anglers to sample two parts of the water at the same time. This two-poling method is especially useful if anglers have electronic fish finders that allow them to locate fish at different water levels.

More opportunity to catch fish, especially when fishing is a little bit slow, is another benefit to having a second pole permit. "When fishing is a little bit slow, it gives you twice the chance to catch a fish, and it's easy to watch (your poles)," Schaugaard says.

He adds one caution, however.

"When fishing is fast, if you've got two poles going you could end up hooking fish deeply and not be able to release them. If you've got two fish hooked deeply, and you're just one fish away from your limit, then you've got an over-limit.

"You need to be a little careful when you're fishing with two poles, but it will be well worth it if you give it a try," Schaugaard says.

More information about fishing with two poles is available in the 2007 Utah Fishing Guide. You can also call the nearest DWR office with any questions.

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