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Interactive Utah Fishing Destinations Map

Welcome to Utah Fishing Info's Interactive Utah Fishing Map!!!

We are sorry, this map has been discontinued.

Map Instructions:

  • To find a place to fish in Utah, click on a marker to see more information about that location. A small 'bubble' or window will pop up, usually including a picture, location info, and a link to more detailed information about the water (or store).
  • Each marker color represents a different type of site (see the key on the right-hand side for which color indicates which type of destination), such as lake, river, or community pond.
  • Click on the checkbox next to each type of marker in the key to show or hide all markers of that type on the map.
Key (Choose which to display):

Red Marker = Lake Lakes & Reservoirs

Blue Marker = River Rivers & Streams

Orange Marker = Community Fishery Community Ponds

Gray Marker = Fishing Stores Fishing Related Stores

This map provides Utah fishermen with Utah lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers and streams that are popular for fishing, marked on a map. An effort is made to make the map as complete as possible. We are adding new lakes and waters as frequently as time permits. If you have suggestions of waters to add, notice any mistakes, or have any pictures you would like to submit for use on this map or elsewhere on this site, please visit our Contact Us page and send us a line. We LOVE feedback from our users, and usually implement the changes requested within a few days.

Utah is an excellent place to live if you love to fish. Fishing in Utah includes high mountain lake and stream fishing, low desert reservoirs, mountain valley lakes, community ponds, and much more. Check here to learn about new places to go fishing in Utah.